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SSL Review: August 2020

September 2020 by Bruce Morton

Entrust's monthly SSL review covers SSL/TLS discussions – recaps news, trends, and opinions from the industry. 398-Day Certificate Validity Apple to Enforce 1-Year Limit on SSL/TLS Certificate Lifetimes on September 1, 2020; Mozilla and Google to Follow Suit Deprecation of…

Introducing Entrust Identity

September 2020 by Jenn Markey

Today, delivering trust in our increasingly digital lives is becoming more difficult than ever. That is why, as we simplify our corporate brand as Entrust, we are bringing together our existing authentication products into one portfolio under one name –…

Entrust Datacard is now Entrust

September 2020 by Todd Wilkinson

Today we announced a new milestone change for our company:  Entrust Datacard is now, simply, Entrust — an evolution of our brand that honors our heritage as we look forward to our critical role in enabling companies to secure identity,…

Go passwordless with single sign-on for a digitally enabled remote workforce

September 2020 by Jenn Markey

While people are always your largest attack surface, 2020’s work-from-home (WFH) workforce has magnified this threat exponentially. Remote employees are often distracted, multitasking, many with small children at home, all the while accessing corporate resources frequently on their own devices.…


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