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Vaccine passports, national ID’s, secure credentials and considerations for building trust in a post-pandemic world


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How do you solve a problem like customer data protection?

April 2021 by John Grimm

Cybercrime is on the rise. In our digital-first world, distributed workplaces and remote work routines are creating new security vulnerabilities for employers. But how are enterprises responding to the increased threat landscape? The Entrust annual Global Encryption Trends Study aims…

SSL Review: March 2021

April 2021 by Bruce Morton

Entrust’s monthly SSL review covers SSL/TLS discussions — recaps news, trends and opinions from the industry. Cloudflare announces Heartbleed Revisited Introducing: Advanced Certificate Manager Keyless SSL now supports FIPS 140-2 L3 hardware security module (HSM) offerings from all major cloud…

GUEST BLOG: Secure your data for cyber resilience

April 2021 by Guest Contributor: Carole Murphy, Micro Focus Voltage

NOTE: This is a guest blog from Entrust nFinity Partner Micro Focus Voltage The centre of all great art is people, and it’s the same with data privacy. As your customers, clients, and partners, your people are at the centre…

Are we witnessing a cyber pandemic?

April 2021 by Madhur Bhargava

COVID-19 triggered a global cyber pandemic. The past year will be remembered not only because of the health crisis but also how that crisis endangered our digital lives. Security incidents exploded and cyberattacks increased across all industries, with the FBI…


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