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Don’t give away the keys to the kingdom

May 2021 by John Grimm

For those of you old enough to remember Second Life, among the many ‘firsts’ that made it notable was a virtual currency that  had direct real-world value. If you made and sold items in Second Life, you could trade Linden…

The speed of business is fast – is your PKI keeping up?

May 2021 by Samantha Mabey

Over the last couple of decades, PKI has grown – both in its application and its overall footprint within our global lives. What has been used to secure websites, networks, and VPNs, has evolved to meet the demands of newer…

On World Password Day eat your greens, exercise more, and ditch the password!

May 2021 by Jenn Markey

Stolen or compromised credentials, notably passwords, remain the single-largest source of data breaches. In a recent Entrust Pulse survey of 1,000 people in the U.S. and UK, over 15% reported having their personal information exposed in a data breach within…

How a trusted passport solution can secure a faster return to “normal”

April 2021 by Jenn Markey

The past year has been tough on the travel, entertainment, and hospitality industries. More than 62 million travel jobs disappeared over the past 12 months – a year-over-year decline of 18.5%, according to a report from the World Travel and…


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