Today, the leading global certification authorities (CA) launched the Certificate Authority Security Council (CASC). The CASC is made up of publicly trusted CAs that issue SSL certificate to protect more than 95 percent of the global websites.

The purpose of the group is to advance online security by encouraging best practices in the development and deployment of the SSL ecosystem. The CASC will use education, advocacy and research to improve and deploy critical Internet policies.

The CASC is not a standards group, but its members will continue to support development of standards by such organizations as the IETF and the CA/Browser Forum.

The first planned series of education and advocacy efforts will be regarding Online Certificate Status Protocol (OSCP) stapling. The official name is Certificate Status Request, as defined in RFC 6066, section 8. OCSP stapling is a more common name as it describes the OCSP response being stapled at the Web server to be used to provide certificate status through the SSL handshake.

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